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Greater efficiency for entrepreneurs and investors

Entrepreneurs and investors have a huge number of bureaucratic hurdles to overcome – even if their company exclusively deals in assets. Are you looking to change the situation? We at BK Wirtschaftstreuhand in Berlin simplify the handling of important business transactions on your behalf, such as founding a German company. 


Whether as a foreign investor or a German company, you’ll save time and staffing with us and benefit from a business address in Berlin-Charlottenburg as well our experts’ many years of experience. Contact us to put together a customised service package.

Shelf company

Avoid the time-consuming processes and liability risks involved in founding a limited liability company. With us, you’ll obtain a limited liability company that has already been established and registered in Germany, allowing you to get to work straight away.

Business services

Back office processes made easy: Use our business address in Berlin-Charlottenburg as an entrepreneur or investor and take advantage of our secretarial service – including mail handling, English translation and easy-to-understand instructions.


We increase the efficiency of distribution companies by taking over their back office processes. This allows us to free up resources that your company can then expediently invest elsewhere: in productive collaboration with clients and partners.


“BK Wirtschaftstreuhand has been helping our company with business services for many years now. We have come to appreciate the reliability and speed of their forwarding and processing services. Not to mention that we are always able to get in touch with a friendly and skilled contact. We feel very well looked after.”

CEO, Berlin/Germany and Paris/France

“When you start a business or found a company, the amount of post the company receives is truly surprising. And everything needs to be seen to as quickly as possible. Thank goodness for BK Wirtschaftstreuhand. They quickly and efficiently organise our incoming post and provide specific, easy-to-understand instructions on how to proceed. The team is really friendly, and they know what they are doing.”

Businessman, Berlin/Germany and Dublin/Ireland

“BK Wirtschaftstreuhand’s structure and efficiency have meant we have always been able to take care of our essential business transactions. The amazing support they have provided has made it easy for us to keep track of important deadlines and payment dates. Thank you!”

Businessman and Investor, Berlin/Germany and Tel Aviv/Israel

“I haven’t had to open a letter for my company myself in years. All of our correspondence is forwarded to me by email. No matter where on the globe I find myself, I always know what my company has received in the post. A great secretarial service and assistant that saves me having to hire staff myself.”

Businessman, London/England

“I haven’t had to worry about keeping hold of important company documents for a long time. I’ve been a client of BK Wirtschaftstreuhand since 2011 and can only recommend them to anyone who has more important things to do than open the post and file account information. I have now delegated my company’s payments to BK Wirtschaftstreuhand as well. This leaves me free to travel to different countries on business or on holiday. An excellent, reliable service.”

Investor in Greece and England

“Consistently reliable in forwarding our business correspondence, providing easy-to-understand English translation. My personal assistant in South Africa can always ask questions about official letters from Germany. Exceptional, very helpful service.”

Businessman, Johannesburg/South Africa and Berlin/Germany

Enjoy the benefits. It’s simple.


We are happy to make your challenges our solutions. Numerous clients around the world have already benefited from the advantages we offer: from personal support provided by permanent contacts, from our high level of flexibility and our competent network of partners.

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